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EM TTI Annual Event – Conference Report

Conference Report

Screenshot of participants for 23 Oct 2020

Last week we held the first EM TTI Annual Conference – due to the current world situation this took place wholly online.  Despite this, we bought together our students, academic staff, staff and students from our Partner Universities, Associate Partners, EC Project Officer and Invited Speakers. Please see the Event Programme for details of the running order and here for details of the invited speakers.  

The event was well received by all involved, please see two conference reports below written by two of our students. 

My name is Katerina and I come from Kyiv (Ukraine). This year I participated in the annual EMTTI event as a student from Cohort 2 and I would like to share my experience and general impression of the event. Although the EMTTI Team had to adjust to the current state of affairs and move the meeting online, the event did not lose its scale. I was impressed by the variety of placement options for students as they were presented by the Associated Partners of the Programme.

I enjoyed the talks of the top experts in the field of translation, interpreting and computational linguistics, among them Sharon O’Brien (Dublin City University), Joao Esteves-Ferreira (Tradulex, Switzerland), Elizabeth Deysel, Rozane Rebechi (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul), Fardad Zabetian and Claudio Fantinuoli (KUDO), Yves Champollion (Wordfast).

I was also pleased to listen to the presentations of the fellow students from Cohort 1 as it helped me to get the general idea of what to strive for and which skills to focus on during my studies at the University of Wolverhampton this year.

As a side note, I would like to highlight the huge organizational work behind the scenes of the EMTTI programme. Being still an applicant, I felt the support of the Coordinators of the programme from the very first email that I received. Hopefully, my visa procedure was smooth and resulted successful, but there were some specific requirements from the Embassy that I commented to the coordinators and got the immediate response and the support from the University of Wolverhampton.

I want to reiterate my gratitude to all the people that made the EMTTI program happen. This is a truly unique Master’s Degree and I feel privileged to be here.
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Katerina Poltorak
EM TTI 2020 Cohort
On October 23rd, 2020, the EM TTI Annual Event took place as an online event. As a student from the second cohort, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend my first EMTTI Conference.

The event started at 09h in the morning, and we started the day with our fellow colleague's presentations. New students are always curious about what type of work our veteran colleagues are developing, what kinds of topics we could focus on, etc. These presentations were very descriptive, depicting the brilliant work of the impressionable minds behind them. It was excellent to watch them, as they were delivered in a clear, concise manner.

After this moment, we could also dive more in-depth into the EMTTI network. Even though I know this is a very well-connected and cutting-edge master's degree, I had no idea that we had external examiners. Also, I was not aware that we had so many exciting and renowned associated partners (where I hope we can go in person to our placements in the future). It was definitely a day for acquiring knowledge and feeling marvelled at this programme.

In the afternoon, after the official opening, we had a knowledgeable and brilliant speaker: Elizabeth Deysel, who shared her experience on top-notch technology for interpreting. It was entirely impactful to learn how many possibilities interpreters have and how the field has been growing in the last years, especially with remote interpreting due to the covid situation.

Overall, I enjoyed enormously getting to know my colleagues. Especially in these covid times, sometimes we feel isolated, or we are not aware that our fellows are going through difficult situations. Therefore, it was comforting to know that we are supported and that we can count on each other, on the EMTTI staff, teaching team, and partners. I hope next year we call meet again in more favourable conditions!
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Anna Futardo
EM TTI 2020 Cohort