Ranking of Applications

Candidates applying for the EM TTI programme within the scholarship application period will receive a score between 0 and 100 using the following criteria*:

  1. Degree (max. 20 points): for example, the compatibility of your degree with the ones listed in the eligibility criteria.
  2. Grades (max. 50 points)
  3. Professional (including industrial) experience (max. 20 points): for example, experience of working as a translator/interpreter.
  4. Research experience (max. 10 points): for example, participation in previous EU and international projects. The quality of any publications will be considered.

These scores will be used to rank candidates in order to offer the scholarships to the highest-ranking students. Those who meet the eligibility criteria, but do not rank highly enough for a scholarship, will be invited to join the programme as a self-funded student.

*This scoring scheme may change for the academic intake of 2021/22. They will be updated before the next scholarship application period.

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