Ghent University Lecturers

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Prof Veronique Hoste

Professor in Computational Linguistics - Local Coordinator

Prof. dr. Veronique Hoste is full professor of Computational Linguistics at Ghent University and head of the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication. She is director of the LT³ language and Translation Technology Team. Prof. Hoste delivers a number of lectures for EM TTI and supervises dissertation topics related to her research interests.
Based on the conviction that shallow representations based on lexical information are not sufficient to model text understanding, she has investigated topics such as named entity recognition, automatic disambiguation of word senses (WSD), entity and event coreference resolution, etc. and in applications exploiting these deeper text representations, such as readability prediction, aspect-based sentiment analysis, irony detection, event detection, etc.

Prof. dr. Veronique Hoste would be happy to supervise the following dissertation topics: sentiment analysis, personality detection, coreference resolution, event detection.

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Prof Bart Defrancq

Associate Professor of Interpreting

Prof. Bart Defrancq is an interpreter trainer and researcher in interpreting studies combining corpus and experimental methods. The use of CAI technologies and human-technology interaction is part and parcel of this research.

Prof. Defrancq would be happy to supervise dissertations on cognitive load in simultaneous interpreting; computer-assisted interpreting.

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Prof Els Lefever

Assistant Professor in Terminology and Lexical Semantics

Prof Els Lefever is an assistant professor at the LT3 language and translation technology team at Ghent University. She has a strong expertise in machine learning of natural language and multilingual natural language processing, with a special interest for computational semantics, cross-lingual word sense disambiguation, multilingual terminology extraction, specialized and lay terminology in health documents, cognate detection, sentiment mining, hate speech detection, and argumentation mining in social media posts. She teaches Terminology, Translation Technology, and Digital Humanities courses.

Prof. Lefever would be happy to supervise dissertation topics related to her research interests.

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Dr Cynthia Van Hee

Lecturer and researcher

Dr Cynthia Van Hee is a lecturer and post-doctoral researcher at Ghent University (LT3 research team at the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication). As a lecturer, she teaches courses including Audiovisual Language Techniques, Natural Language Processing, Desktop Publishing and Project Management. As a researcher, she is active in the field of computational linguistics and machine learning. In the framework of her PhD, she created a theoretic framework of irony and developed a state-of-the-art irony detection system. Her other research interests include the detection of cyberbullying on social media and (implicit) sentiment analysis in social media and newswire text.

Dr Van Hee would be happy to supervise dissertation topics related to Automatic sentiment analysis (Dutch/English), Automatic irony detection (Dutch/English).

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Prof. Lieve Macken

Associate Professor in translation technology

Lieve Macken is Associate Professor at the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication at Ghent University (Belgium). She has strong expertise in multilingual natural language processing. Her research focuses on the impact of translation technology and machine translation on the process and product of translation. She teaches the modules on Machine Translation and Post-editing and Localisation.

Prof. Macken would be happy to supervise dissertation topics related to her research interests.

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Dr Orphee De Clercq

Postdoctoral research assistant

Orphée is a postdoctoral research assistant at the LT3 team (Ghent University) with great expertise in readability prediction, automated writing evaluation and text mining of user-generated content (normalization, sentiment and emotion analysis) using machine learning techniques. She is especially interested in investigating the added value of incorporating deep semantic and discourse knowledge in NLP and CALL applications.

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Michael Lumingu

Software developer

Michael is a software developer at the LT3 research group. He is also a TA for several IT related courses.