Scholarships and funding

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Erasmus Mundus scholarship is available for the MA in the
Technology for Translation and Interpreting.

In addition to the documents requested in the application process for this MA, applicants are also expected to:

Failure to submit the above will disqualify your application for the scholarship.

If an applicant is offered a scholarship, and later on found to have submitted fake documents, the scholarship will be cancelled.

Other sources of funding

If you cannot secure Erasmus Mundus scholarship, there are also other sources of funding which you can explore, in order to join the EM TTI programme.

We welcome applicants to investigate these funding options at an early stage as some funding schemes close early.
The EM TTI consortium is not responsible for finding alternative funding sources for you. We only provide a list of potential sources of funding as a guidance to self-funded applicants, please investigate directly with the concerned institutions.