New Bulgarian Univeristy Lecturers

Dr Boris Naimushin

Associate Professor of Translation and Interpreting

Master of Advanced Studies in Interpreter Training from the FTI, University of Geneva, PhD in Bulgarian Linguistics and Translation from the University of Sofia. Teaches on BA and MA courses on simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, translation studies, English phraseology, and Cultural Studies. Active conference interpreter with Russian and Bulgarian (Languages A), English (Language B) and French (Language C). Interpreter for Bulgarian Presidents and Prime Ministers since 2009. Editor in Chief of English Studies at NBU (ESNBU), an open access, peer-reviewed scholarly journal. Member of the European Association of Science Editors (EASE).

Dr Boris Naimushin would be happy to supervise dissertations on the following topics: Interpreter training methodology. Conference Interpreting. Remote Interpreting. Performance anxiety, public speaking and audience interaction in consecutive and community interpreting.

Todor Lazarov

Dr Todor Lazarov


Todor Lazarov holds a PhD degree in Computational linguistics and has a background in Linguistics. He has also specialized Artificial Intelligence in the University of Amsterdam. He has a diverse experience with CAT tools and has also established successful collaboration with different commercial MT providers. He is providing mentorship and education to freelance translators about current trends and translation technologies.

Dr Todor Lazarov would be happy to supervise dissertations on the following topics: machine translation, corpus linguistics, corpora creation, CAT tools, machine translation evaluation

Dr Milka Hadjikoteva


Dr. Milka Hadjikoteva is a chief assistant professor at New Bulgarian University. She teaches courses in the programmes of the Centre for Computational and Applied Linguistics. She was an Erasmus+ Visiting Scholar at the University of Macerata, Italy, and Leeds Beckett, UK. Her translated books and articles are published in national and international editions. Her research interests include translation, interpreting, communication studies, rhetoric, semiotics, methodology.

Dr. Milka Hadjikoteva would be happy to supervise dissertations on translating metaphors.