Motivation Letter Guidance

An important part of your application to EMTTI is the motivation letter.  This is your opportunity to explain your motivation for appplying for this programme and how you expect this programme to further your career in translation and/or interpreting.

A good motivation letter: 

    • Is clear, well-written and relevant to the programme 
    • Conveys a strong sense of motivation and enthusiasm for the course 
    • Outlines your reasons for applying 
    • Mentions relevant past experience, e.g. in translation and/or interpreting 
    • Tells us something about your interests and strengths

Points to consider when writing your motivation letter:

    1. How does EM-TTI fit into your professional career and what do you expect to gain from the programme?
    2. What type of research are you interested in pursuing?
    3. Please explain specifically why you selected your first two preferred Universities.
    4. You may wish to mention specific modules in which you are particularly interested in attending at your first two preferred universities and explain why.
    5. When you mention ‘research skills’ in your motivation letter and/or your CV, please do elaborate and explain in a few lines your role and contribution to the publication or project you were involved in.
    6. Provide certificates (issued by educational institutions, training centres or employers) for technological (and other) skills which you have acquired and which you refer to in your letter and/or CV.