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Lexical Computing is a research company founded by Adam Kilgarriff in 2003. It works at the intersection of corpus and computational linguistics and is committed to an empiricist approach to the study of language, in which corpora play a central role: for a very wide range of linguistic questions, if a suitable corpus is available, it will help us understand.

The flagship product of Lexical Computing is Sketch Engine, a leading corpus management and corpus query tool used by linguists, lexicographers, translators and publishers worldwide. Its unique feature – the Word Sketch – and its derived functionalities together with the scalability, multilingual support and ability to handle the largest available corpora make Sketch Engine stand out in the crowd of corpus software.

Lexical Computing is a supplier of word databases, lexicons, n-gram databases and similar language

data for use in other software or for lexicographic projects. Data provided by Sketch Engine and services from Lexical Computing are based on a suite of more than 500 text corpora with a size of up to 80 billion words and covering over 100 languages.