Documents required to apply

The online application is now LIVE. If you fulfill the eligibility criteria and you are interested in applying, you will be required to fill in your details in the online application form and submit the following electronic documents using the online portal.

Application files that are incomplete or partially uploaded after the submission deadline closes will not be considered. If you are applying, please make sure you meet the required deadlines.

Please note the *updated* file requirements below.

  • All documents must be written in English and should be in the PDF format. Any non-English document, must be accompanied by a certified English translation.
  • Files names should adhere to the following format. They should start with your surname followed by the date of birth in the format YYYY-MM-DD where YYYY is the year of birth, MM is the month expressed using two digits, and DD is the day of birth expressed using two digits. (e.g. SMITH-1999-03-21 for the candidate John Smith born on 21st March 1999). Each file will have a suffix detailed below.
  • How to upload your files? Please merge multiple documents for each category together and submit as a PDF.

Documents required

  1. Cover letter in which you explain the reasons for applying, your background, please mention any relevant research and industry experience, and add anything else that is not covered in the other documents. For further guidance regarding what to put in the cover letter, you may find this webpage useful.
    [Suffix: COVER e.g. SMITH-1999-03-21-COVER.pdf]
  2. Curriculum vitae, preferably in the EuroPass format containing at least information about your education, degree(s) and academic achievements. Where relevant include any research papers and conference presentations, industrial experience, involvement in research and commercial projects.
    [Suffix: CV e.g. SMITH-1999-03-21-CV.pdf]
  3. Transcripts from all the degrees obtained. Provide scans of the original copies of your academic transcripts reporting the final grade and the grades of all modules taken and combine in one file.
    [ Suffix: TRANSCRIPT e.g. SMITH-1999-03-21-TRANSCRIPT.pdf ]
  4. Diplomas from all the degrees awarded. Please provide scans of the original copies of all the diplomas you have and combine in one file .
    [ Suffix: DIPLOMA e.g. SMITH-1999-03-21-DIPLOMA.pdf]
  5. Language certificates: Please provide a certificate of your English language proficiency according to the admission requirements of EM TTI. Your English Qualification MUST be valid at the point of application. Expired English Language Qualifications at the application point will be marked as invalid. You MUST also include any other language certificates you have and combine them in one file. Please check the information for other language certificates. Suffix: LANG-CERT e.g. SMITH-1999-03-21-LANG-CERT.pdf ] 
  6. A clear passport scan of the photo page
    [Suffix: PASSPORT e.g. SMITH-1999-03-21-PASSPORT.pdf]
  7. Two recommendation letters from teachers or employers. Both reference letters should be in English. Preferably, at least one of the letters should be from a faculty member of the university from which you obtained one of your degrees. The second letter can also be from your current employer or supervisor. The letters have to be written in English, on a letterhead of the referee’s organisation and include the signature and the contact details (i.e. postal address, phone, email) of the referee. Letters not respecting these requirements will NOT be accepted.
    [Suffix: RLETTER-1, RLETTER-2 e.g. SMITH-1999-03-21-RLETTER-1.pdf, SMITH-1999-03-21-RLETTER-2.pdf]
  8. Residency documents need to be uploaded to prove your residency for the last 5 years. Please review the requirements for the residency documents.

Please indicate in the form if you are applying for one of the bursaries offered by the consortium. By applying for a bursary you confirm you fulfill the EC requirements.

We advise applicants to submit their application well in advance of the published deadlines, in order to avoid last-minute problems within complete files, an overload of the online application system, etc. and to have some margin to cope with such problems. Candidates submitting incomplete applications received in advance of the deadline will, where possible, be notified of missing documents.

If you are applying for a bursary, please be aware that you will get a score between 0 and 100 that will be used to rank candidates.

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