EM TTI Annual Events

EM TTI Annual event 2024 programme

1-2 July 2024
Varna, Bulgaria, Hotel ‘Cherno More’

Each dissertation viva will be limited to 35 minutes (20 minutes presentation – 15 min Q &A)

Day 1 (1 July 2024)

Morning session


9.00-9.10 Welcome Prof Ruslan Mitkov, Chair of the EM TTI Management Board and EM TTI founder


9.10-9.45 Multidimensional evaluation of a domain-specific machine translation engine

Veridiana Rodrigues Da Cunha Silva


9.45-10.20 Data Selection and Fine-Tuning in Domain Adaptation for Neural Machine Translation

Daria Sokova


10.20-10.55 Investigating the Feasibility of Machine Translation in Asylum Contexts in Europe

Atefeh Habibi


10.55-11.25 Coffee break


11.25-12:00 From complex to clear: Assessing AI-simplified Russian texts for second language acquisition 

Susanna Danielyan


12:00-12.35 Human-Machine Parity in Neural Machine Translation: Evaluating LLM Effectiveness in

Translating Literary Colloquialisms

Dayana Abuin Rios


12.35-1.10pm How does the use of text-to-speech technology influence the effort of post-editors working into their L2?

Foteini Kotsi


1.10-2.40pm Lunch break


Afternoon session


2.40-3.15pm Automatic language variation recognition in Spanish

Carlos Alberto Cuevas Lozano


3.15-3.50pm Speech-to-Text Performance in Turkish Variants: Whisper AI on Regional Variations of the Turkish Language

Berkehan Gundogan


3.50-4.20pm Coffee break


4.20-4.55pm Emotional Turk: new standard in evaluating automatic Turkish emotion detection: a case study in a cross-lingual transfer setting

Egemen Ipek


4.55-5.30pm Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis in Turkish

Oguzhan Zobar


Examination Board Deliberation (Closed Doors) 5.30pm-7.10 pm (10 minutes per student)


Day 2 (2 July 2024)

Morning session

9.00-9.35 Literary Translators and Technology: Evaluating Human Translation and Machine Translation Post-Editing in the Language Pair English-Brazilian Portuguese

Karina Barbosa Dos Santos


9.35-10.10 Machine translation quality for literary texts for English-Ukrainian: the impact of MT customisation and source text complexity

Anastasiia Vestel


10.10-10.40 Coffee break


10.40-11.30 EM TTI annual event Invited Talk

Dr Helena Gorete Silva Moniz

(University of Lisbon and Unbabel, President of the European Association of Machine Translation)

GenAI impact on Computational Linguistics and (Machine) Translation professional roles


11.30-12.05 The role and use of Auto-Subtitles and Machine Translation for Foreign Language learning Amal El Farhmat


12.05-12.40 The relationship between translation errors and machine translation evaluation metrics: a case study of the Turkish-English language pair

Ferhat Arjen Iletmis


12.40-1.15pm Extracting Multilingual Lexicons from Specialised Corpora

Anastasiia Bezobrazova


1.15-2.45pm Lunch break


Afternoon session

2.45-3.20pm Linguistic Quality Assurance for Human Translation

Dariya Pogodayeva


3.20-3.55pm Quality Assessment of automatic subtitling

Ivanna Hotsuliak


3.55-4.25pm Coffee break


4.25-5.35pm Examination Board Deliberation (Closed Doors)


5.45-6.15pm Closing and awards