Management Board

The EM TTI Management Board is made up from members from each of the Consortium Universities and also representatives from both industry and academic Associated Partners. The Management Board has final responsibility for academic affairs (programme management, curriculum amendments), administrative matters (coordinating learning agreements, mobility, financial matters, issuing of degrees) and quality assurance aspects.

The Members are:

Prof Ruslan Mitkov, EM TTI Coordinator, Director of the Research Institute of Information and Language Processing, University of Wolverhampton

Dr Sara Moze, Lecturer, University of Wolverhampton coordinator

Prof Gloria Corpas, Director of the Department of Translation and Interpreting, University of Malaga coordinator

Prof Maria Stambolieva, Director of the Centre for Computational and Applied Linguistics, New Bulgarian University coordinator

Prof Veronique Hoste, Head of the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication, Ghent University coordinator

Mr Yves Champillon, CEO Worfast

Ms Mina Ilieva, CEO Mitra Translations

Ms Eleni Zisi, CEO El-Translations

Dr Rozane Rebechi, University Rio Grande do Sur and President of the Brazilian Association for Researchers in Translation

Dr Vilelmini Sosoni, Ionian University

Ms Elena Doren, CEO, Star

Mr Fardad Zabeitan, CEO, KUDO