Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

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The UOC is an online university situated in Barcelona (Catalonia – Spain). It has an innovative educational model that focuses on the student, offering them a top quality personalized education that helps them to be more competitive and contributes to the progress of society. The UOC offers graduate and postgraduate programs in Catalan, Spanish and English in fields such as Psychology, Computer Science, Sciences of Education, Information and Knowledge Society and Economics, among others. It also offers several doctoral programs.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the UOC use new technologies to provide a global critical understanding of the social and cultural reality from the integrated and complementary points of view of the different disciplines. The courses are cross-disciplinary and incorporate a range of subjects (art, history, philosophy, literature, social sciences, etc.) to ensure students gain the tools to understand contemporary society and culture, and the methodological and analytical, and information handling and management skills needed to progress in their professional careers.

Also, their Centre for Modern Languages offers language courses. More information can be found at https://www.uoc.edu/portal/en/estudis_arees/arts_humanitats/idiomes/index.html