EM TTI 2020 Cohort

Hello! My name is Darya and I am from Kazakhstan, Almaty. After obtaining my BA degree in Translation Studies, I have been working as a translator/interpreter in one of local copper mining companies for several years. At that time, I realized that being a translator is not only about effective communication but also about the technologies used! 21st century has set a trend for efficiency and productivity along with the high quality of works for any industry – translation has been a product of mind processing for centuries but now is the time to cooperate with the machines more. With this thought in my mind, I started to look for a suitable education programme and you can imagine how thrilled I was to find out about EM TTI, which is available for applicants from all over the world! I am looking forward to starting my first year soon and I am confident that this programme will let me look at my profession from a different angle, which will be a great asset in my future career.
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Darya Filippova
EM TTI 2020 Cohort
My name is Anna Furtado, and I am from Brazil. I graduated in Foreign Languages Applied to Multilingualism and the Information Society (LEA-MSI) at the University of Brasilia. I am interested in specialized corpus-driven lexicography for translators, natural language processing, and human rights. I am fortunate to be an EM TTI student since all my interests converged into the programme. In the future, I hope to continue working with glossaries and technology.
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Anna Furtado
EM TTI 2020 Cohort
I am Dinara Gimadi from Kazakhstan. To obtain my first degree in Translation Studies I did my research on peculiarities of translating stylistic figures from English to Russian in the novels by F.S.Fitzgerald. During my research, I found that the field of translation tools and their application is immense. In the EM TTI programme, I am going to swing my pendulum of thinking so I will be able to adopt not ‘user’ skills, but ‘developer’ ones.
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Dinara Gimadi
EM TTI 2020 Cohort
My Name is Stiven and I am from Colombia. I graduated from EAN University with a BA in Modern Languages with emphasis in Translation. I believe we all should know and adapt to the current technologies and the ones to come, which will only make our life easier and also will help transition our profession into the future. I am thrilled with the technological approach of the master program and I believe the EM TTI will definitely make me grow and develop the necessary skills on the stated matter.
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Stiven Lancheros
EM TTI 2020 Cohort
Hello everyone! I obtained a degree in Foreign Languages and Translation in Poltava, Ukraine. After that, I spent a year doing an additional academic training in the form of individual supplementary studies at the University of Warsaw, where I first was acquainted with the basics of machine translation and corpus studies, which I found very interesting and useful. My research was related to translation of scientific and technical texts and integration of corpus tools in the process. After returning to my hometown, I worked as a translator and interpreter at the Institute of City Development and gained practical experience. When I found out about the EM TTI, I decided that it was time to make a step up in this field and develop stronger competencies in the modern technologies for translation and interpreting.
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Anastasiia Lationova
EM TTI 2020 Cohort
Hello! I am Martha Maria Papadopoulou and I am from Greece. I obtained a BA in Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting from the Ionian University. I first became interested in the field of translation technology through my work experience as a Localization Project Manager in a LSP company. By joining the EM TTI programme I seek to gain knowledge in the fields of NLP and programming, which will enable me to participate in the development process of the future translation tools and applications.
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Martha Maria Papadopoulou
EM TTI 2020 Cohort
"Hello, world!" My name is Katerina. I come from a lovely Eastern Europe country - Ukraine. I wanted to become an EMTTI student even before the inception of this programme, no joking 🙂 Five years ago or so I was dreaming about a Master's degree that would be a fusion of Translation Studies and Information Technologies. At my University, I was a student of phenomenal academics, but we were trapped in the old translation traditions and lacked innovations. This year I became EMTTI student and I could not be more proud. My road of becoming a translator and researcher is yet to start, but I already have some experience of oral consecutive translation from/into Spanish, and I would like to develop in this field. In addition, I am curious about machine learning, natural language processing, natural language understanding, and I have a particular interest in sentiment analysis and emotions recognition. I am grateful to the EMTTI Team for this opportunity to learn and to grow and I am sure the Team will guide me throughout my studies and further research.
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Katerina Poltorak
EM TTI 2020 Cohort
My name is Annalisa. I have recently obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting in Italy, my home country, spending one semester in Seville (Spain) for Erasmus. During my studies, I have understood the importance of new technologies in changing the way translations and interpretations are carried out and I am now very enthusiastic about attending EM TTI. I have participated in international volunteering projects in Bulgaria, France and Italy and I am eager to contribute to the Master programme with my experience and to benefit from its international dimension.
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Annalisa Ranzenigo
EM TTI 2020 Cohort
My name is Maral, I am from Kazakhstan. I did my BA Degree in Translation Studies and I believe that learning languages and translation is my vocation. I applied to the EM TTI programme to improve my skills, gain knowledge from professionals and challenge myself. Now I am so glad to participate in this programme, study Technologies for Translation and Interpreting and deepen my knowledge that will help me keep up with the times and make our profession even more in demand.
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Maral Shintemirova
EM TTI 2020 Cohort
Hi, I’m Nikola from Macedonia. I hold a BA degree in Spanish Linguistics and Translation from the University of Skopje. I applied to join the EMTTI because I believe this programme will introduce me to the field of NLP and MT, and will help me acquire the skills required to be part of the development process of translation tools.
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Nikola Spasovski
EM TTI 2020 Cohort
Hello! My name is Nataliya and I am from Ukraine. I have received my BA degree in Linguistics and my MA degree in Social management. I have 20 years valuable experience working both as an interpreter/translator and as a teacher/tutor. All this has helped me understand that interpreting is my passion and vocation, as I strive to be helpful to people who cannot speak each other's language and contributing to reaching understanding between nations. We are living in a fast-paced world with technologies developing so impetuously that I feel I fall behind. I am still using traditional methods and tools in my work. Thus, when I encountered the possibility to study at an EM TTI program, learning different technologies, project management, programming and many other useful subjects as regards interpreting and translation, I immediately applied. The modules that the universities offer will definitely fill the gaps, and I will become a more skilled professional. I am confident it is never too late to learn and there is always room for improvement. This education will definitely open more opportunities for me.
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Nataliya Sydorova
EM TTI 2020 Cohort
My name is René Taboada. Upon finishing my major in Translation in Mexico City, I embarked on many a different field as a freelance translator, but managed to end up in localisation and, eventually, as a professor of burgeoning translators and interpreters. It was thanks to these two experiences (especially the former) that I was able to delve more into the world of translation technologies and machine translation. My interest was piqued and, after finding about EM TTI, I decided to immerse myself in the area. I hope to be able to learn as much as possible and then continue to share this newfound knowledge.
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René Taboada
EM TTI 2020 Cohort
Hi, my name is Charlotte and I'm from Belgium/The Netherlands. After travelling around the world, I became interested in languages and decided to complete a BA in Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam. This made me very curious about computational linguistics, as well as translation. For me, EM TTI brings together the right set of courses and exceptional work experience opportunities to satisfy this curiosity. I'm spending my first year at the University of Wolverhampton, and my second year at the University of Malaga, where I hope to develop my programming skills further and research the ever-changing field of translation technology.
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Charlotte Van de Velde
EM TTI 2020 Cohort
Hello! My name is Lígia and I am from Brazil. I graduated in Electrical Engineering at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES) and during this time, I directed my efforts towards learning computer science and programming languages. I am a computer enthusiast, but I also love studying foreign languages. During my dissertation research, I had the opportunity to do research on Natural Language Processing, and I fell in love with this field of study. For me, EM TTI is a unique opportunity to work with two of my greatest passions: computer science and foreign languages.
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Lígia Iunes Venturott
EM TTI 2020 Cohort