Applying to the Programme

How do I apply?

Please see the How to Apply page for instructions.

Am I eligible to apply for this master’s programme?

The programme is open to students from both EU and non-EU countries. In order to be eligible, you must fulfil the following minimum criteria:

  1. Have completed a Bachelor’s degree (i.e. the equivalent of 180 ECTS) from an accredited university in an area relevant to the Master’s programme:
    • Translation
    • Interpreting
    • Computer Science
    • Computational Linguistics
    • Modern Languages
    • Linguistics
    • Other subjects within the humanities and computer science areas (please outline in your cover letter why and how your degree is relevant to the programme)
  2. good level of proficiency in English (minimum C1 level proven by a professional language certificate where relevant e.g. academic IELTS, IELTS indicator, TOEFL IBT, TOEFL IBT Home Edition, CAE ).
  3. Knowledge of at least one additional language taught by the partners in their translation and interpreting courses: Spanish, Bulgarian, German, French, Italian, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Dutch and Turkish (minimum B2 level proven by a language certificate where relevant).

Is there an age restriction?

No, there is no age restriction.


The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Am I a programme country or a partner country applicant?

Programme Country applicants include students who are citizens of one of the countries of the European Union, North Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Turkey and Serbia.

Applicants from all other countries (who are citizens of one of the countries not listed above), are considered Partner Country Applicants provided that they are not residents nor have carried out their main activity (studies, training or work) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in any of the Programme Countries listed above.

Which costs are covered by the scholarship?

The Erasmus Mundus scholarship covers the course fees, contribution to travel and installation and subsistence costs.

The amount received by the successful candidates for travel and installation costs is set by the EC and depends on the distance between the candidate’s residence at the time of the deadline of the student scholarship application and University of Wolverhampton.

The successful candidates will receive 1000 euro per month (when not in their country of residence).

Why do I need to prove my current residential address at the application stage?

For all applicants for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, the European Commission requests to capture current residential status of all applicants.

Scholarship allowances are also dependent on the current residency of applicants. This has to be the residential address of the applicant at the time of application, and applicants must provide supporting documents to prove their residency.

Does the scholarship include financial support for my family?

The scholarship does not include any financial support for the candidates’ family/dependents.



I successfully submitted my application. What should I do next?

All potential candidates who have submitted their applications should wait to hear from us via the e-mail they provided in their application form or check our website for updates.

How is my scholarship application evaluated?

Please see the Ranking of Applications page for information on how the applications are evaluated.


Why do I need to sign the Student Agreement?

All students accepted on the course will be expected to sign a Student Agreement with the EM TTI Consortium prior to officially enrolling on the course. The Student Agreement highlights the responsibilities of both parties (student and Consortium). For scholarship holders, the Student Agreement also highlights specifications of the the scholarship.

What supporting documents will I be given for my visa application?

Students will receive official acceptance letters. If you are coming to study in Wolverhampton, you will be provided additional documents to support your British visa application. You will also receive insurance letters to cover you during your two-year programme. Scholarship holders will also receive details of their scholarship allowance.


Additional Funding

Can I get additional funding from other sources?

The only funding we can offer is the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, and places are limited. Please see this page for information on additional funding sources.

Can I apply for a loan scheme to cover my fees and living costs?

For UK and EU nationals, a loan scheme for Postgradute students is available from the UK Government. Further information on eligibility and applications can be found on the UK Government’s website.



I am bringing my family with me, do you provide any documents to support their visa application?

No, we can only provide documents for your visa application. Any additional documents required for you to support the visa applications of your family is entirely your responsibility.

Can I get financial support for my family/dependents?

It is your entire responsibility to secure financial support for your family/dependents.


Other Support

How can I get help in searching for accommodation?

Assistance will be provided by the Support Services of the relevant universities once you have secured a place on the programme. This information will be communicated along with your acceptance letter.

I have a disability; is there any way I can get support?

Assistance will be provided by the Support Services of the relevant universities once you have secured a place on the programme. This information will be communicated along with your acceptance letter.