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EM TTI Annual Event 2021 – Conference Report

Earlier in the Summer we held the second EM TTI Annual Conference – due to the current world situation this again took place wholly online.  Despite this, we bought together our students, academic staff, staff and students from our Partner Universities, Associate Partners, EC Project Officer and Invited Speakers.

Please see the Event Programme for details of the running order and here for details of the invited speakers.  This was also the first year we had student viva’s, we are delighted to share that all of our second year students passed their final Viva. 

The event was well received by all involved, please see the conference reports below written by some of our students. 

The EM TTI Annual Event took place on the 12th and 13th July, and I was very excited when I got the invitation. As a Cohort 3 student, I was looking forward to become a part of EM TTI Network as soon as possible, and this event was a perfect opportunity to get to know the community, to find out more about its vision of the sphere and to feel involved in it.

The rich programme of the event included presentations from EM TTI students and two keynote speakers: Dr Arle Lommel (Senior Analyst, CSA Research) and Prof. Maarit Koponen (Professor of Translation Studies, University of Eastern Finland). Despite being so informative and insightful, it was completely accessible even for those who make only first steps in this field. The conference reflected the multidimensional nature of EM TTI: the topics ranged from technologies in audiovisual translation or interpreting to natural language processing. Everyone could learn something new about unfamiliar fields or expand the knowledge about the spheres, which fall into their research interests.

It was such a pleasure to see the progress made by Cohort 1 and 2 students during their studies and to understand how professional and experienced one may become with the help of EM TTI. Presented dissertations gave me the idea of what is expected from the students of the programme, and needless to say that the professionalism and dedication of my colleagues really set the bar high!

Overall, the EM TTI Annual Event truly exceeded my expectations. It did not just allow me to have a quick peek at the future of Linguistics, but to see it clearly and even feel it. Now I know that everything that seemed like only a sci-fi concept is actually achievable!
Aida Kostikova
Cohort 3 EMTTI Student
Finally the second EM TTI annual event took place! Just like in the previous edition, we had the chance to hear the talks from a couple of presenters, namely, Dr. Arle Lommel and Prof. Maarit Koponen. While they both made gala of their expertise and delivered enjoyable talks, we have to admit the true stars of this edition were the students themselves, for we could witness the progress reports of the second generation of EM TTI students and the deft vivas of the very first generation of this programme.

As a second-year student myself, it was great to see the advances made by my friends and colleagues. Being on both sides of the scene, I could witness how the struggles and efforts of my friends transformed into a great presentation that truly showed the growth they all have had during the first year. It was also inspiring to see how my own work compares to that of others, so now I feel like I have to deliver a better work. Furthermore, I think it was a good chance to receive some feedback from some of our professors to improve our research.

The presentations of the first cohort, however, were definitely la crème de la crème. All the students presented their works with great command of their topic and nerves of steel. I was honestly impressed by the range of topics and approaches used and I was happy to see them all coming triumphant from this challenge. It feels amazing to see the friends I have studied, drank and explored with finalising such an exciting stage of their lives, and very much look forward to hearing the future successes they will all have.
Profile picure of Rene Taboada
René Taboada
Cohort 2 EM TTI Student