Visiting Scholars – 2020/21

Our first Visiting Scholar blog is written by one of our 2020 Cohort of students – Darya Filippova, who has been studying at the University of Wolverhampton this year. 

This semester was very rich in various invited talks!

The opportunity to meet with guest speakers and industry professionals from all over the world is one of the advantages of online learning that we had to transfer to during the pandemic. Being a student means searching for useful information and reliable sources all the time, as the amount of this information grows exponentially, what I truly needed was someone to prove this information or to give some useful tips during my research. I am very interested in the automatic extraction of terminology, so I was very glad to see that one of the invited speakers was Antoni Oliver Gonzàlez from the Open University of Catalonia.

I enjoyed every lecture that we had with Dr. Oliver as he covered various aspects of term extraction, all sessions were practice-oriented and supported by a range of reference materials and manuals so that we had an opportunity to run simple programs and to see how they work in real time. Every lecture was very structured in terms of difficulty levels and supported by many scientific papers. Of course, there was an extended opportunity to benefit from every talk by asking questions and discussing both pros and cons of every AET technique. It was a great foundation for further experiments during my placement that will also involve term extraction.

My overall impression is that such invited talks are a great venue to practice new material. I noticed that many topics that we covered in the lectures were then discussed during the invited talks, but sometimes such discussions were held from a very different perspective, and it is always good to have a synthesis of several opinions. All of the invited scholars have extensive knowledge of their subject and a hands-on experience, so they share about the latest trends in the industry and the knowledge happening behind the scenes, which can be a great inspiration for further student research. I am looking forward to starting my second year of studies, which I am sure will certainly be as productive and eventful as the first one.
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Darya Filippova
EM TTI 2020 Cohort