Visiting Scholars 2020/21

Our second Visiting Scholar post is written by one of our esteemed Visiting Scholars – Dr Elizabeth Deysel.

Receiving an invitation to be a visiting scholar at the University of Wolverhampton has truly been the highlight of my year. While the term “visiting” usually implies that an individual travels from somewhere to where they will return once again, this year has been quite different.

Due to travel restrictions which are still in place, I was afforded the opportunity to interact with students from the comfort of my humble home in Cape Town, South Africa. One click of a button and I was connected to students from across the world, making an effort to join despite various time zones.

The experience has truly been a blessed one. The students made an effort to interact, ask questions and engage in robust debate. The students follow such a full programme with intense working hours – yet they showed their commitment and discipline in the lectures. The EMTTI programme is ground breaking on so many levels and it has truly been an honour to be a part of it.
Profile picture of Elizabeth Deysel
Dr Elizabeth Deysel
Visiting Scholar at University of Wolverhampton