New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria

New Bulgarian University will be represented in the consortium by the Linguistics Section (LS). The Linguistics Section is a new university structure at NBU, created with the task to develop interdisciplinary and multilingual programmes in the field of applied linguistics, specialised foreign languages, language and information technology, information technology and translation, linguistic anthropology and others. Although formally attached to the department of Anthropology, the programmes and research of the LS are developed in close partnership with a number of departments of the University, above all the departments of Information Science and Cognitive Science. Lecturers from the departments of Law, Economics, Administration and Management, Anthropology, Foreign Languages and Cultures, Information Science and Political Studies present courses in the BA and Minor programmes of the Section. The staff of the Section specialises in corpus and computational linguistics, computer-assisted translation, translation and interpretation and foreign language teaching for specific purposes. The LS and the LLT are members of the Bulgarian CLARIN & DARIAH (CLaDA-BG) insfrastructure for language technologies and digital humanities.

The Section is responsible for the academic management of full time and distance learning BA and Minor programmes in Applied Foreign Languages for Administration and Management (in English and a second foreign language). Two MA programmes – the European Joint Master degree ‘Technology for Translation and Interpreting’ and ‘Computational Linguistics’ – are to start in 2019/2020. Further information about the modules taught by UMA on the European Masters can be found here.

Key people

  • Prof Maria Stambolieva – Local coordinator for New Bulgarian University