Hermes Logo

Hermes Traducciones y Servicios Lingüísticos, SL is a privately-owned Spanish company which specialises in translation, localisation and language services in general.

Set up in 1991 and boasting a world-leading reputation, Hermes Traducciones represents the language industry; offering language services with focus on translation. The company has a firm commitment to the communities that speak the languages they translate, which is why it is linked to various national and international networks in the field.

Hermes Traducciones is more than just a translation company. Not only does it undertake a vast amount of translation (over 50,000 localisation projects since 1991 and approximately 25 million words translated annually), but is also present at various professional fora and, more importantly, within the university community. It believes that it has an obligation to reduce the broad gap that often exists between academia and industry.

Currently, Hermes Traducciones has a cooperation scheme in operation with 25 universities across Spain. Since 2000 it has been providing training to Spanish university students in areas such as localisation, translation revision and review, technical and scientific translation, administrative and tourism translation, translation project management and translation company set-up. Demonstrating evidence that Hermes’ experience is solid and based on real-world practice. The company also sponsors various academic events, conferences and university training and research programmes, and is willing to collaborate in as many university activities as possible to help reduce the learning curve of new graduates so they can integrate into the labour market more quickly.

In addition, Hermes Traducciones has experience with EU-funded programmes. It has been one of the founding consortium members of EU-funded projects such as eTransFair, Agorà and Expert. It has also been present on other EU projects such as Optimale and TransCert in representation of EUATC ( Hermes Traducciones is also active in the international translation community. It is a member of several international and national associations (see details at to promote professional recognition and best practices.