Karina Arzumanyan working at her computer

Summer Placement Diaries

This year I decided to do my placement at KUDO. The company offers a powerful cloud-based platform for video conferencing and remote simultaneous interpreting. KUDO was founded in 2017 by Fardad Zabetian with the goal of providing high-level language services. The same year KUDO’s beta v1.0 entered the market and two KUDO studios were opened. Studios allowed interpreters to work in a quiet and controlled environment. Throughout these years the company has been constantly developing and updating its products. The company’s headquarters is situated in New York, but due to travel restrictions, the placement was held online.

In order to learn how to use the platform, I have completed KUDO’s Online Onboarding Tutorials for Interpreters (The Interpreter Journey) and Operators (Client / Operator tutorials). The first course introduces the Interpreter Interface and its various features. After completing the course, I participated in KUDO’s Interpreter Online Webinar, where I was able to practice interpreting on the platform and apply what I have learnt. The second course teaches how to become a KUDO Certified Operator and be able to create, moderate and manage your own events. Later on, I was able to operate the meetings myself. Apart from gaining knowledge on how to interpret and operate the meetings, I completed some translation and localization tasks and participated in KUDO product design and product development.

As a Client Success Intern, I had a chance to join online team meetings where the current agenda and prospects were discussed, and I could see how the emerging problems were solved. I learned a lot about business procedures in the company, from product creation to its implementation and introduction to the clients. Besides that, I was taught how to onboard new clients and support them afterwards as their main point of contact. In addition to that, I got acquainted with various management tools.

The great advantage of having my placement in KUDO was that I had the chance to observe not only the work of the Client Success Team, but other departments as well. For example, I watched several Sales demos, gained practical experience at webinars provided by Language Services and participated in internal trainings organized by the Product Team. It allowed me to have a more thorough picture of the company’s structure and its procedures. It was also interesting to see how internal communication is organized in a team whose members are spread around the globe.

Overall, my placement at KUDO was a valuable experience that allowed me to learn not only about the platform itself but about the company’s work in general. KUDO provides opportunities for both professional and personal growth, and I am sure that the knowledge that I gained there will help me in my future career.

Post written by Karina Arzumanyan